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Beaver Fleming

Short Bio: Professional Skateboarder living in California at Woodward West, who also travels the world competing and on tour with the Nitro Circus.

Born: (date of birth) May 10, 1994

Hometown: Knoxville, Tn

Sponsors: Reliance Skateboards, Grizzly Griptape, Ethika, Nitro Circus, Ryno Power, Poc, 187 Pads, Woodward West, LKI

Stance: Regular

What are you known for: I’d like to be known as a guy that has fun with everything and pushes himself in every aspect of life.

Why should someone follow you online: I try to keep everything on there about having a good time, getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself. So if you check out my videos thats what you will see.

Best moment of your life / career: Theres been too many awesome moments I think the best part of my life is being able to wake up everyday and have the potential and opportunity to do something awesome and make something incredible happen and use the talents I have been blessed with to their fullest.

Favourite hashtags: #CarpeDiem #SkatingBeaver #ChargeLife #SendIt

Do you have any hobbies: I Love playing Guitar, Hanging out with my friends and family, and anything active I am pretty down for.

Favourite Movie and why: Surf’s Up. That movie is so sick young penguin surfer from no where follows his dream of becoming one of the best and its hilarious. 

Where would we most likely see you: At the Skatepark

Most prized possession: The collection on my wall is pretty epic haha theres a bit of a tie on this one between my Travis Pastrana signed Jersey, Taylor Swift signed poster, Bucky Lasek signed Deck, and David Beckham signed Soccer ball

Mac or PC: Mac 

Favourite place in the world: New Zealand

Favourite LKI product:

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