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Chandler Powell


Born: November 14, 1996

Home: Seffner, Florida, USA

Rides: 143 Liquid Force FLX with Liquid Force Raph Bindings

What are you known for: I’d say I’m known for trying to have as much fun as possible on a wakeboard. I definitely have times dedicated to progression, but most of the time I’m always the one butt sliding everything or penguin sliding for some next level rail riding.

Why should someone follow you online: I always try to post pictures from the places I travel to for wakeboarding and the shenanigans that I get into. I will also post videos and pictures of my wakeboarding to hopefully spark some ideas in other people’s riding. Occasionally I will also post information on deals, who doesn’t like saving money?

Best moment of your life: There are so many great moments! But for wakeboarding I’d have to say winning the overall features title for the 2014 Triple Crown. That was my best result to date and I’ll never forget it!

Favourite hashtags: #PeopleOfWalmart It shows the stereotypical side of America...


Do you have any hobbies: I like doing anything that involves being active and being outside.

I really enjoy fishing, surfing, skateboarding, and also hiking, camping, etc...

Favourite Movie and why: I just saw American Sniper and that movie was awesome. But I think my favourite movie is Elf. It’s impossible to watch that movie without smiling!

Where would we most likely see you: You can find me at McCormick’s Cable Park on most days. I spend more time there than anywhere else.

Most prized possession: My truck for sure. I love that thing!

If not this, what other sport: I would totally surf for a living. That would be the greatest job in the world!

Mac or PC: Mac. I like playing on them because they do cool things but I’m more comfortable using a PC.

Favourite place in the world: Home is always my favourite place to be. But my favourite place I’ve travelled to so far is Australia. There is so much to do!

Favourite LKI product: I love the flannels! They seem perfect for any occasion and they’re so comfortable!

Favourite LKI product:

I love the flannels! They seem perfect for any occasion and they’re so comfortable!

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