19th December 2016 Remaining For Guaranteed Xmas Arrivals

Cobe France


Short Bio: Love sports with a board under my feet but the one I love the most is traveling the world wakeboarding!!!

Born: 25/1/1999

Home: Gold Coast Queensland

Rides:135 Obrien CTP , LKI Boardies & Vest.

What are you known for: Wakeboarding

Why should someone follow you online: Rad pictures, Mostly of me upside down on a wakeboard.

Best moment of your life: Landing my first flip on a wakeboard.

Favourite hashtags: #shakkas #LiveYourLifestyle

Do you have any hobbies: A little bit of Xbox and skateboarding

cobe flip
cobe podium

Favourite Movie and why: Haunted house 2 because every single scene is funny.

Where would we most likely see you: On the Coomera river, Gold Coast Australia

Most prized possession: Our wakeboard boat

If not wake-boarding, what other sport: Probably Skateboarding

Mac or PC: Mac

Favourite place in the world: Gold coast



Favourite LKI product:

All LKI boardies & life jackets are rad.
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