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Darcy Ward

Name: Darcy Ward

Short Bio: Race speedway in Europe, 2 x U21 world champ with a dream to become World Champion.

Born: 04/05/92

Home: Camira QLD

Rides: Speedway 500cc

What are you known for: Riding Speedway

Why should someone follow you online: Getting to see the insight of a international speedway rider traveling and racing throughout Europe.

Best moment of your life: Giving me a job and paid to do what I love, being able  to see the world.

Favourite hashtags: #DW43 #Liveyourlifestyle

Do you have any hobbies: Motocross and working on race bikes all the time.

Favourite Movie and why: Wolf Of Wall Street

Where would we most likely see you: At the races or on TV

Most prized possession: My A45 Mercedes , RMZ250 and my race bikes.

If not this, what other sport: Motocross

Mac or PC: MAC

Favourite place in the world:Spain / California

Favourite LKI product: My LKI Gloves and the Tee shirt is epic.

Favourite LKI product:

My LKI Gloves and the Tee shirt is epic.

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