Dean Anderson

Born: 15/5/1992

Home: Morwell, Victoria

Rides: BMX

What are you known for: Getting loose on my bike I guess haha, doing small flips and flip combos

Why should someone follow you online: I post some cool riding clips and photos.

Best moment of your life: Probably at the Newtons Nation comp in Bathurst a few years ago, landing a front flip bar spin for the first time and getting props from heaps of pro riders that I look up to!

Favourite hashtags: #bmx #backies

Do you have any hobbies: Recently started keeping snakes which is a pretty sick hobby I reckon!

Favourite movie and why: I don't watch many movies but I'm a big fan of all the fast and the furious movies!

Where would we most likely see you: At either my local skate park, Morwell, or The Shed Skate park in Cranbourne!

Most prized possession: My bike!

If not this, what other sport: Probably FMX but I could see myself breaking a lot of bones haha

Mac or PC: iPhone! Ha

Favourite place in the world: I haven't travelled out of Australia yet so

I'd say the Gold Coast is my favourite so far!


Favourite LKI product:

Pretty much all the tie dye stuff. The 'Way Back' tank is probably my favourite one though!

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