19th December 2016 Remaining For Guaranteed Xmas Arrivals

James Hollmer Cross


Born: (date) 30-09-81

Home: hobart tasmania

Rides: diverse surfboards

What are you known for: surfing waves that people think arent ment to be ridden

Why should someone follow you online: maybe to see something different?

Best moment of your life: meeting my kids for the first time and pioneering two of the heaviest waves in the world

Favourite hashtags: #tasmania

Do you have any hobbies: soccer, free diving, basketball, fishing, skating, sup, real estate.

Favourite Movie and why: comedies I love to laugh the whole saturday night live crew, crack me up

Where would we most likely see you: probably in the water

Most prized possession: 9'8 diverse paddle gun the thing can knife the best lines

If not this, what other sport: I love sport as long as im moving im happy

Mac or PC: mac

Favourite place in the world: remote south west tasmania

Favourite LKI product:

Atm it’s the utility tracksuit pants ( so comfy when your injured)
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