Jamie Squibb

Born: (date) 25 March 1982

Home:  Devon-UK

Rides: Kawasaki KXF450F

What are you known for:  Riding my bike, building cool shit in the digger and drinking jack

Why should someone follow you online:  Cause I post cool riding pics and actually reply to messages

Best moment of your life / career: 1st place best whip night of the jumps world championships

Favourite hashtags:  #squibbfreestyle #liveyourlifestyle

Do you have any hobbies:  I enjoy riding my Montesa trials bike, getting in the digger building cool stuff to ride and goin for a few beers if i'm home


Favourite Movie and why: Wrathchild, best soundtrack and the riding is still sick to this day!

Where would we most likely see you: Anywhere in the UK riding fmx shows on my mobile ramps or around europe doing shows/comps

Most prized possession:  Bloody Pomeranian Molly, she's the coolest dog ever!

If not this, what other sport: Trials and bmx

Mac or PC:  I hate computers, give me a shovel anyday

Favourite place in the world:.My woods at home on the rare sunny days when the dirt is prime

Favourite LKI product: the new chino trousers look real cool and are super comfy