19th December 2016 Remaining For Guaranteed Xmas Arrivals

Josh Dove

Short Bio: I like all extreme sports ,I like riding my motorbike,I ride the best bmx from @colonybmxbrand and @rideonindoorpark keep me going on it. I want to travel around the world and compete one day.


Home: Brisbane/Australia

Rides: freestyle bmx

What are you known for: a fast free flowing style mixing old with the new

Why should someone follow you online: I try mix it up and post different stuff on my bike

Best moment of your life: winning bmx core series comp

Favourite hashtags:#shredtillyadead #havefunridebikes #lki # liveyourlifestyles

Do you have any hobbies: just bmx

Favourite Movie and why: bmx bandits:) it's so cool

Where would we most likely see you: rideon indoor park

Most prized possession: iphone 5

If not this, what other sport: afl

Mac or PC: pc

Favourite place in the world:California/America

Favourite LKI product: my black lki stamp tee and tracksuit pants

Favourite LKI product:

My black LKI stamp tee and Tracksuit pants

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