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Lance Russell


Short Bio: Most people know Lance and his brother, Lachlan Russell, as the producers of Russell Brothers Films.

Lance is a bit of a self proclaimed space geek who will talk your ear off about any kind of space facts. As a rider, he is known for his unique style and tricks in

 Freestyle Motocross. He was the first rider to perform the trick 'Rodova Stripper', invented the trick 'Lap Dance' and has lately been recognised for his large whips.

Born: Halloween 1989

 Home: Sydney NSW Australia

 Rides: Kawasaki Motors Australia KX450F

 What are you known for: Probably most recently being on the new MX VS. ATV Playstation game!

 Why should someone follow you online: Always trying to keep it interesting online, I give away lots of stuff, upload a good amount of videos and I'll follow you back if you ask!


Best moment of your life: When you are truly happy from riding. It comes from being super fit, riding seeming effortless but perfect and driving home in the afternoon sun listening to your favourite music. Best feeling ever!

Favourite hashtags: #WhipItWednesday #NotEvenWednesday #Motocross

Do you have any hobbies: Space.

Favourite Movie and why: Signs, I study the hell out of movies because I make them, Signs was made really well and has been a favourite since I was in late primary school.

Where would we most likely see you: Hanging around the local jumps at Sydney. Everyone pulls up and watches us ride.

Most prized possession: Has to be all my bike stuff!

If not this, what other sport: Dirt Jumping Mountain Bikes for sure.

Mac or PC: Forever MAC

Favourite place in the world: Burleigh, Gold Coast

Favourite LKI product:

Station Tee and of course the Whip It Tee!

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