Nate Foster

My real name is Nathanial but most ppl call me nate climbing is my passion and I climb more then I work. Work for me is offshore on the oil and gas rigs I'm pretty psyched about that cause gives me a sweet work life balance.

Born: Mt Isa Qld

Home: Blackheath Blue Mountains

Rides: A sweet fixie and a 78 model landcruiser (she's a darling)

What are you known for: Always being excited forever having fun and looking for the next adventure

Why should someone follow you online: Come with me and you'll see into a world of pure imagination (willy wonka reference )

Best moment of your life: Every morning when I wake up and realize I have another day on this earth

Favourite hashtags: #forevergettingloose

Do you have any hobbies: Surfing, riding and knitting sweaters

Favourite Movie and why: Freddy got fingered because I want to work in a cheese sandwich factory

Where would we most likely see you: At the cliff in the blue mountains

Most prized possession: My health

If not this, what other sport: Base jumping if I could man up or moto riding

Mac or PC: Mac but we will keep that on the low down

Favourite place in the world: Anywhere if I'm not working

Favourite LKI product:

My sabotage zip through in maroon and my forever getting loose singlet love that one.

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