Ryan Soloman

Born- 13-01-88

From- Brisbane, STRAYA.

Rides- Freeride jetski on a Krash Industries JB-1 hull. DTV Shredder.

What am I known for- Epic movies on the dance floor.

Why should someone follow you online- Just to keep with the cool stuff I'm lucky enough to do!

Best moment of my life- Getting to hang out at Travis Pastrana's for a week filming and just having an epic time.

Favourite hashtags- #fails haha of course #lki #jetski #freeride #getloose

Do you have any hobbies- I really enjoy being a volunteer surf life saver down at Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park slsc.

Favourite movie and why- Boondock Saints 2, because it's just straight epic.

Where would we most likely see you- at The Spit boat ramp heading out for a ski.

Most prized possession- My family ;)

If not this, what other sport- professional frisby golfer

Mac or PC- Mac

Favourite place in the world- Park City, Utah.

Favourite LKI product- Focus life vest.