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Sam Blinkensop

Name: Sam Blenkinsop

Short Bio: Kiwi,professional downhill mountain biker traveling the world.

Born: 28/10/1988 Wanganui, New Zealand

Home: Christchurch, New Zealand

Rides: Downhill MTB

What are you known for: Downhill mountain biking - No gloves man, all ways having fun on the bike.

Why should someone follow you online: I get to travel the world and race my bike, you can see what I am up to while I am traveling around the world.

Best moment of your life: when I won my first wold cup in schladmig.

Favourite Hashtag: #LiveYourLifestyle #256

Do you have any hobbies: Riding moto and anything with 2 wheels, I also enjoy fishing.

Favourite Movie and why: Don't have a favourite movie but love watching movies that i can have a good old laugh to.

Where would we most likely see you: Out on my bike somewhere or on the world cup circuit..

Most prized possession: My Girlfriend

If not this what other sport: If I was not racing downhill I think I would be racing moto or something on 2 wheels.

Mac or PC: Mac always

Favourite place in the world: It would have to be NZ, can’t beat it.

Favourite LKI product: Love all the LKI range, my favourite piece would be LKI Crewnecks

Favourite LKI product:

Love all the LKI range, my favourite piece would be LKI Crewnecks

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