19th December 2016 Remaining For Guaranteed Xmas Arrivals

Scott Wilkings

Born: (date) 23.08.1992

Home: Cable Ski Logan

Rides: My Dup Wakeboard

What are you known for: Doing my own thing and getting loose.

Why should someone follow you online: I do heaps of cool stuff, if you like that @scottywilkings

Best moment of your life / career: 2015 has been unreal for me. Between getting my first cover on a magazine, inventing a new trick, winning the AO championships to living in Asia and meeting some of the raddest people on earth. I'd have to say this whole year!

Favourite hashtags: #liveyourlifestyle #LKI #dupwake #sandboxland

Do you have any hobbies: Wakeboarding, Tindering and sleeping.

Favourite Movie and why: The Big Lez show. One of my best friend’s Cameron is the Sasquatch as well.

Where would we most likely see you: At the moment Anthem Wake Park in Phuket or my home cable Cable Ski Logan. If not there have a look on tinder.

Most prized possession: It’s hard between my wakeboard and my Cable.

If not this, what other sport: Off road scooter racing.

Mac or PC: Mac

Favourite LKI product:

The LKI Highlight Windsor Signature Vest. It travels the world with me, keeps me safe, and I love the artwork in this one.

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