19th December 2016 Remaining For Guaranteed Xmas Arrivals

Tai Woffinden

Pro speedway athlete, 2013 & 2015 World Champion. 2 x British champion, love doing crazy shit

Born: 10/08/1990 UK

Home: Perth western Australia/ south Derbyshire UK

Rides: Speedway

What are you known for: Riding Speedway

Why should someone follow you online: Because I’m a mad C&nt

Best moment of your life: Winning my first world championship

Favourite hashtags: #TW108

Do you have any hobbies: Motocross, BMX, Road racing, jet ski, go karting, skiing, surfing...

Favourite Movie and why: Fast and furious all of them - Just a good film

Where would we most likely see you: Speedway GP's

Most prized possession: Faye Cupitt

If not this, what other sport: Road racing

Mac or PC: PC

Favourite place in the world: Yallingup, western Australia

Tai Woffinden's favourite LKI product:

His LKI Gloves,
anything that's black,
and the range of tee's

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