Tyler Brown

Born: (date if birth) May 22 1985

Home Town: Chula Vista, CA

Rides ( Bike Brand): GT Speed Series Carbon! Best bike in the game

What are you known for: Probably some big Euro wins, making the 08 USA Olympic Long Team, but mostly for all the MTV shows I have been on haha!

Why should someone follow you online: I try to keep things fun and fresh, showing everyone my travels, my bike, and a little glimpse into my world!

Best moment of your life / career: Career would be in 2005 would be winning my first big Elite race with my BMX idol getting 2nd right behind me! Life would be getting married to my beautiful wife last summer!

Favourite hashtags: #GoPro because I love using that camera #HorsePowerHour for Tuesdays nights out at my BMX track riding with the best dudes in the world and #LiveYourLifestyle

Do you have any hobbies: Probably anything to do with my bike! I’m super blessed I get to do what I love everyday and my hobby is also my job!

Favourite Movie and why: That is a hard one, I really don’t have a specific favourite, just anything that makes me laugh!

Where would we most likely see you: Probably at Chula Vista BMX. That place is my 2nd home. I am either there working on the track, running races, or riding! I spend as much time in the dirt as I do my house!

Most prized possession: My bike! That thing has brought me to there I am today. Oh and my LKI gear, always gotta be looking good!

If not this, what other sport:I always said if I wasn’t a pro BMX racer I would love to be a pro Supercross races or a Surfer! Pro motocross races is easy because it is so much like my sport, and probably the only other sport I am really a fan of. Or surfing, how cool would it be to pack some tank tops, board shorts, flip flops, and a surf board then head to the most exotic beaches in the world!

Mac or PC: Mac all the way 

Favourite place in the world: I would say I really enjoy the North Shore in Hawaii, or the South of France. Both are great places I have been and would go back no problem!

Favourite LKI product:

I’m a t shirt guy. I don’t dress up for work, I live in T shirts. My favourite thing is how everything matches and goes together so well. I have to say my LKI tees are my fav!

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